Colorama is a small Art Press and Risoprinting studio based in Berlin run by Johanna Maierski since 2015.
Our publications and exhibitions present contemporary artists in the field of experimental comics and artists’ books, as well as projects that explore speculative forms of narration, collective narration and alternative knowledge production.

We understand publishing and printing as an artistic, collaborative practice and a democratic tool to participate in artistic and political discourses.

We focus on giving access to knowledge and networks through residency programs, teaching and consultation, continiously contemplating our role as a publisher and teacher.

We see Colorama as part of a wider community or publishers and printers that believe in para-institutional learning, equity and autonomy.

We believe that the upright walk with a likeminded individual loosley holding your hand will sharpen your thoughts, strengthen your practise and soothe your self doubts – resulting into something new, exciting and rewarding.



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Teaching / Lectures
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Book orders and Shipping
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IG @coloramaprint

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Johanna Maierski,
Publisher, Teacher and Printer, Berlin

Johanna Maierski is a publisher, teacher and printer that grew up in Berlin where she studied Architecture and Urban Research.
Since 2015 she runs Colorama, a small Art Press and Risoprinting-studio that has been travelling, exhibiting and teaching worldwide.
Since 2016 Johanna is hosting Clubhouse together with Aisha Franz, a yearly comic residency program in Berlin.

In 2020 she founded Colorama workshop together with Lauria Joan, an educational community space for printing and book-making at Haus der Statistik in Berlin.
Since 2020 Maierski is teaching Critical Publishing at GTA Braunschweig.

Zane Zlemeša,
Illustrator and Comic author, Berlin

Zane Zlemeša is an illustrator and a comic author who grew up in Latvia and studied illustration in Leipzig.
Since 2020 Zane takes care of Colorama book distribution and shipping.

ReussMaureen Leprêtre,
Artisigner and Intern (Jan. to July)

Maureen Leprêtre, aka @ReussMaureen Leprêtre, call ther1 Momo!
Shey2 is french graphic artisigner3, recently graduated a master @ISBA, the fine-arts school of Besançon.
Shey develop some tools against discrimination (gender, race, sexuality, privilege and physical), with graphic design, textile and performance.

1. her·them
2. she·they
3. artist·graphic designer

Margot Sounack,
Illustrator and Intern (Apr. to Sept.)

Margot Sounack is a french comic author and writer. On her shoulder is her best friend Philibert.

Currently she is studying at the Hear Strasbourg in illustration.

List of interns who have worked at Colorama since 2015
(chronological order from most recent to oldest)

  • Zoe Ladet
  • Olga Sulek
  • Linda Retterová
  • Nadine Hammud
  • Marylou Billoin
  • Jolanda Obleser
  • Nino Cadeau
  • Lauria Joan
  • Paula de la Vega
  • Marieke Luthart
  • Molly Cranston
  • Hannah Marine
  • Clara Citaristi
  • Clémentine Zwahlen
  • Milena Bassen
  • Burcu Türker
  • Colorama is forever grateful to each intern that has ever worked with us! Each person contributed something unique and special. A heartfelt Thank You to all of you!


    Design and programming by ReussMaureen Leprêtre
    Font Sneaky by Jules Durand
    Animated illustrations by Aisha Franz

    All pictures and contents by Colorama

    Ressources to download:

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